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Paul Roget was born in Perth WA, he moved to Sydney at the age of five. His mother a Norwegian artist and his father a writer/producer. Throughout Paul Roget’s diverse careers he has always made a living from art. From interior design, landscape architectural design, acting, painting, sculpture and photography. All of these roles in his life has enabled him to become a full bodied artist.  Currently Paul works as a illustrator/ director/

designer for advertising agencies from Australia, Asia, Europe and the U.S. 


He has created campaigns for - American Express, Qantas,  Atlantis – The Palm, Dubai, Toyota, Fuji films, Asics,

Nestlé, Mercury, Fosters, Singapore Airlines, Hugo Boss, British American Tobacco, Bayer, Avis, Canon, General Motors, Nissan, Rexona, Pioneer, Sydney Tourism, Cadbury Schweppes, Mattel, Whiskas, Streets, The

Australian Government and more.


From the age of eighteen to twenty-eight he explored the world on the ultimate one way travels, always in search of the most difficult path, he has ridden a bicycle alone through Samaritan jungles for over two months with only a plastic sheet for a tent and just a whistle as defence against tigers. He hitched a ride in a small sailing boat from Africa to the Caribbean for five weeks, finding himself capsizing in a furious storm in the middle of the Atlantic at night. Tired of flipping coins on borders, deciding whether to go north or south, Paul now lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife + daughter + dog.


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